Achieve Strategic Goals in a Turbulent World

Today’s turbulent environment requires that organizations simultaneously take on two important objectives: using organizational capital wisely to produce the best outcomes, and securing enterprise assets against both external and internal threats.

Hilltop’s cybrEPM solution offers a strong & secure cloud-based Enterprise Portfolio Management application which will enable your organization to improve accountability and auditability as well as provide effective tracking of capital and operating expenditures.

cybrEPM is a highly configurable platform designed for business users which provides a collaborative, secure system of record and the strategy-based governance framework for portfolio investments in a single business unit or across the enterprise. The tool enables you to continually track progress of investments from concept initiation through prioritization, approval, funding, and execution. cybrEPM’s collaborative nature enables stakeholders to have appropriate participation, producing superior buy-in to the decisions made and the results delivered.

And the system’s use of blockchain technology to memorialize key approvals and transactions, provides an immutable record that is tamperproof, auditable and encrypted.

Can you answer Leadership questions?
Six Key Factors – Selecting an Enterprise Portfolio Management Solution
  • Does the EPM solution provide strong portfolio management capability from Ideation through Execution?

  • Can the solution adapt to the organization’s business processes, level of risk tolerance and workflow requirements?

  • Does the solution have flexible reporting, user configurable dashboarding & actionable analytics?

  • Does the Solution offer deep, integrated financial management?

  • Is the solution scalable to support complex PPM requirements on an enterprise-wide basis?

  • Can the solution support the organization’s cybersecurity goals with built-in best practices?

cybrEPM delivers on all six!
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Enterprise Portfolio Management Value
More insightful decision making

Today each organization needs good data, that’s why portfolio management that provides good visibility is so important.  It will help businesses to manage potential risks and reallocate resources when needs change.

Significant Risk Minimization

Statistics show that 30% of projects fail solely because of an undefined risk.  A superior portfolio management solution like cybrEPM helps identify these risks in advance and reduce them to the minimum.

cybrEPM Functionality
  • Manual and automated portfolios

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Out-of-the-box and ad hoc reporting

  • Configurable forms and user-defined fields

  • Customizable workflows and alerts

  • Financial management from budget to invoice

  • Objective project risk analysis

  • Full auditability of decisions, approvals and transactions

In their 2018 cyber resilience survey polling 4600 security decision makers at US$1B+ companies across 19 industries in 15 countries, Accenture found “that 83% percent of survey respondents believe breakthrough technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine or deep learning, user behavior analytics, and blockchain, are essential to securing the future of their organizations.”

As a result Accenture proposes that organizations “be proactive and use threat hunting” including “monitoring for anomalous and suspicious activity.”

Source: Accenture report “The 2018 State of Cyber Resilience”
cybrEPM Anomaly Detection

cybrEPM is ground-breaking software that has built-in functionality to automatically detect and flag user behaviors that deviate from defined business rules, providing detailed analysis to strengthen the decision making process and enterprise portfolio governance. Customers can set the parameters which matter to their organization – whether those are Key Performance Indicators, internal policies or regulatory requirements – and catch problems before they grow.

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