Achieve Security and Full Visibility of Your Business Operations

Detect & Alert

We let you know immediately if there is suspicious activity on your network, if your patching is up to date and if there are any vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. We help you manage risk proactively. 

Safeguard & Improve

We crosscheck activity on your network against known malware, vulnerabilities, attack patterns and insider threat indicators using machine learning and advanced analytics to ensure your business is protected.

Respond & Restore

If your business becomes a victim of cybercrime Hilltop will work with you from start to finish to help fix the issue. Hilltop’s Vauban is the only platform that provides full, immediate operational recovery in the event of a security breach.

Our unique approach uses all-source intelligence fusion methods to increase the speed and accuracy of threat detection allowing us to remediate threats much faster.

Vauban provides customers with a full spectrum endpoint security solution that includes monitoring, early warning detection of advanced threats, and incident handling support.

Vauban collects all of our customer’s security event data, then processes and analyze it in seconds to produce actionable incidents.  We work with our customer’s administrators to identify suspicious activities in network traffic that can indicate if an attack is underway and stop it.

The Vauban Platform

Sebastian Vauban was a Marshal of France and the foremost military engineer of his age. The star-shaped fortresses Vauban built were unbreachable as a result of his application of three design principles that are relevant for today’s cybersecurity challenges

  • Complete visibility of all possible attack paths

  • The ability to project force and hunt attackers rather than remain on the defense

  • Long term sustainability through rapid regeneration of resources

The Vauban platform embodies these design principles by ensuring costumers have full visibility of all entry and exit points to their network with the ability to proactively strike back at cyber criminals and rapidly restore compromised assets.

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The Vauban platform provides foundational capabilities that support advanced security operations to ensure your business in secure and resilient.

Continuous Monitoring and Analysis
More insightful decision making

Security analysts need better data to guide their actions.  That’s why Vauban provides full visibility and quantified risk assessments of all assets and scenarios when alerts are triggered.  It helps businesses identify attack patterns and elevated risk to enable efficient, accurate decision making

Significant Risk Minimization

Vauban aggregates, analyzes and tests incoming security events in an automated fashion.  Full supporting information is gathered and validated in machine time, which minimizes staff demands and substantially reduces risk.

Vauban Functionality

  • Role-based dashboads for all stakeholders with a common operational picture

  • Endpoint agents for collecting and pre-processing security events

  • Ticketing system with collaboration and workflow capabilities for efficient work execution and incorporation of third party subject matter experts

  • Automated playbooks and event management for automating analysis and response activities

  • Enterprise service bus chassis for easy data sharing, API integration and interoperability with existing investments

  • Full incident management capability with continuous context analysis and blockchain-based evidence locker

  • Asset, scenario and event risk analysis

  • Full auditability of decisions, approvals and actions taken

Vauban keeps customers informed of all activity with daily heath reports and tailored metrics to support secure business operations.
Vauban enables organizations to operate in a way which best suits their business model.  The Vauban platform enables standalone security operation centers (SOCs), hybrid-outsourced and fully outsourced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) models.

To speak with a Vauban expert, please contact us at [email protected]